Discography: “VIvo” single 1996 “Liberami” single 1996 “Il Cerchio Magico del Mondo” album in 1997, “Giorno di Festa” single in 1997, “I’ll Fly maxi single 2000”, “Sei Desiderio” single 2005, “Siedi e Ascolta” album 2005, “Rios de Palabras “,”Non voglio lavorare “and” No Quiero Trabajar “single, 2009,” Linguaggio Universale “album 2009 with Rita Levi Montalcini Foundation, 2012 single “Tra Rose e Cielo” + video clips.
Distributed Territories: DA-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Denmark, Macedonia, Australia, Canada, Romania, Greece, Spain, France, Sweden, Portugal, Cuba, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Venezuela, Finland, Mexico, Scandinavia, Norway, Estonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Czech Republic,

They won the 1997 edition of the Sanremo Festival with the song “Fiumi di parole”
Represented Italy at Eurovision 1997 edition and the song was 4th place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So68pm_OUTk
Since 1995, the year of their debut as Jalisse, but both with individual experiences behind, they followed a path weighted professional, enriched by the experiences acquired abroad (Ireland, Chile, USA, Germany, Russia, Sweden among the most significant) where from ’97 to 2005 have won acclaim contributing to the spread of Italian music quality in the world.
States also in life (married in ’99), they have always treated me important topics such as Spirituality, faith, respect among different ethnic groups, the sensitivity towards the weak and defenseless, to which they have applied a particular sound the result of research and knowledge of sounds, such as expression of the different cultures. Thanks also to the encounter with the characters – very far from the world of the notes, but of great social and cultural – the Jalisse have embarked on new paths professional turning their attention to the world of children and ethnic minorities.
The first step of the new path is represented by album “Il Cerchio Magico del Mondo” which contains texts whose contents are devoted to the various ethnic groups in the world, with particular attention to the indigenous population. Faith is the love song written with the poet Younis Tawfik respect between religions to contribute to peace on Earth, posing in 2006 at the Foreign Ministry in the presence of Foreign Minister and sent to the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, who gives them the Apostolic Blessing. They are then received by the Jewish Community of Rome’s Chief Rabbi prof. Riccardo di Segni. The album Sit and listen in promotion in Italy, was previously distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland reporting huge sales success. Especially in Germany where, precisely Rivers of words, was included in a compilation produced in 600,000 copies and matched to the important women’s magazine Fur Sie, operation hitherto made only for Ramazzotti and Zucchero. Many of the songs the duo are extracted and inserted in the compilation of Europe. In 2008 following the passage between Rose and Heaven – which premiered at the BIT stand Veneto Region whose Jalisse were called as witnesses to the territory – written in collaboration with Younis Tawfik and music by Fabio Ricci, as a tribute to those who give their lives for Peace and Freedom among the peoples of the world, however, is that in 2012 with a video clip.
In 2009 it was the turn of “Non voglio lavorare” and the Hispanic version of “No Quiero Trabajar” which sees a funny version ironic hip-pop on economic period. Still follows the cd album “Linguaggio Universale” with the lyrics of Josephine Tripodi and sages of the Nobel Prize Rita Levi Montalcini included in the book “Education Key to Growth” to celebrate the 1,500 scholarships for African women.
In 2011 Fabio realizes the album Advar Association of Treviso with testimonies of doctors, volunteers and patients cured from cancer by the group played Docs Off
Since 2006, prepare and promote the educational and training Music Artists in the Schools which sees the creation of texts by students and music from known and emerging artists, getting the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education and bringing together thousands of young of many Italian cities, with the support of local radio and Radio Bellla and Monella. They get twice the prize in Sanremo from European Radios Associate, The 100 + Radio Belle and Italian Association of Phonographic Producers for the project in the schools. Start a collaboration with the Foundation Mike Bongiorno. Finally comes out in 2012 “Tra Rose e Cielo” with a video clip shot by Massimo Toniato and reaches 10,000 visits suYoutube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx964b8DKlc in a short time and go into the Hit Parade of a French radio ( EFR12.com). Preparing the new album
Info press and news: http://issuu.com/jalisseduo



The artist

Nationality: ITALIA

Resident in: ROMA

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